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With 20 years of experience in overseas education and partnerships with 400 Universities, Study in US Global will come to your rescue and will help you in every possible manner in getting admission into your desired University/Course. From knowing the F1 Visa Status to University Transfer, OPT Opportunities to the Visa process, our Admission Advisors will be by your side through the whole process.

But with too many choices and too little time, how to find the perfect course/University based on your interests and career goals?

Whether you are confused about which field to study or not able to select the best university as per your area of study, our expert counsellors will help you in deciding what and where to study in the US. For this we need to know your educational background, area of interests and other relevant information. To get the best out of your study experience, we need to check the career prospects and align it with your interests as it will set you on a career which you should love for life. Another important factor in deciding a course and university would be your budget. Yes, scholarships and financial aid is available. We are one of the few consultants who will guide you in managing your finances as well by getting you admission into a college or university with an affordable fee.

What sets us apart from others is that we are not only a consulting company for international students but also help students who are already in the US in selecting the most suitable course/University. Secondly, we offer university transfer to students who are already in the USA before they complete their current degree.

All Our services are FREE

Rest assured, consultation with our experienced registered migration agents is absolutely free. They will not only help with your university and course selection but also OPT Opportunities, F1 Process, extending visa in USA and much more. Study in US Global has so far helped more than 25,000 students in building a better career by finding the best course in their dream destination.

What all services do we offer?

Our admission advisors will take into consideration your educational background and career objectives. Based on this analysis, we will suggest suitable programs and universities.

Not only this, but we will also assist you in:

a. Filling the University application forms

Planning to study in a US university and getting admission into one is not that easy. The application process is not that simple and competitive which means it requires hard work and a lot of planning. Many international students are intimidated by the number of steps required. Our admission advisor will help you through the admission process and will improve your chances of acceptance.

b. Offer right guidelines for drafting effective Statement of Purpose (SOP), Motivation Letter, Letters of Recommendation (LOR), Resume and Essays 

The SOP, LOR and essays play a key role in securing admission to some of the best universities in the US. Since these documents are not important during the admission process in all countries, most of the students are confused on how to go about it. While many other consultancy firms don’t give importance to these documents, we will tell you to think otherwise. Not only will it give an impression of your candidature but it will also give insights into your strengths and weaknesses.

c. Any scholarships available

The tuition fee along with the cost of living in the US are higher as compared to other countries. The tuition fee is very competitive. For example, a standard masters programme in the US (after scholarship) would be around US$25,000 to US$45,000. However, Our US Universities fee is around US$16,000 to US$21000 and scholarships are also available. We also give installment options to students for payment of fees.

Hence, the overall costs in education can be considerably reduced by scholarships or grants. These scholarships in the form of fee waivers are not that easy to avail as the competition is very high. Therefore, we will make sure that your application reflects excellence which will increase your chances of securing the scholarship.

We will help you plan your budget and manage your finances with ease, without having you to worry at all. Not only this, we will help you in managing your finances. Like you can lower your cost of living by sharing accomodation, student discount cards and cook food instead of dining out.

d. Prepare for F1 Visa interview

Your preparedness for the interview will determine whether or not you are qualified to receive an F1 student visa. The F1 Visa interview is one aspect that scares most of the applicants. The key to cracking the interview is to make the most of it by putting your best forward. It’s completely fine to feel nervous about the interview. You should be prepared to answer personal questions like how will you manage your expenses over there. A solid financial plan is utmost needed and we will assist you in making one.

We will make sure that you feel at ease and give your very best. All our students are given mock training for visa interviews from our experienced visa counselors.

e. Conduct sessions from time to time to make you aware of the visa process

Just getting admission into your favourite university is not enough. As we all know that the US is very strict about immigration and the process of getting a student visa is easier said than done. One small mistake in the application form can delay the process even leading to cancellation. But worry not, our advisers will help you and will make sure to make this whole process smoother and easier for you.

With years of experience, our counsellors are constantly updated about all the changes and updates in the visa process. This helps us in providing step by step guidance to students.

Study in US Global will help you in making your dreams come true, after all, helping you to have a better career is our lifelong mission.


I spoke to a few agents in US to help me with my transfers. Unfortunately my experience was very poor and unprofessional, until I cam across StudyinUS team. StudyinUS saved me from a lot of mess that was created and guided me with the correct course & University as well as got my admissions done. Thank you StudyinUS.

Student MBA

StudyinUS is a great community of professionals and their services are extremely adapted to students. The transparency in their work is great compared to other student agencies. I appreciate StudyinUS for assisting me in enrolling at one of the best Universities in the USA for my Masters in Computer Science.

Student MSc Computer Science

I spoke to a few agents in US to help me with my transfers. Unfortunately my experience was very poor and unprofessional, until I cam across StudyinUS team. StudyinUS saved me from a lot of mess that was created and guided me with the correct course & University as well as got my admissions done. Thank you StudyinUS.

Student MBA

StudyinUS has provided a great service, aiding students to have a successful and strong future. I was finishing my bachelors study in the US and was confused with options for Masters. StudyinUS not only recommended me the right courses that suited my requirements but also helped me to get admission hassle-free. Moreover their advisors guided me on the visa. I would highly strongly recommend StudyinUS.

Student Masters in Data Science

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